Our Services

On-Line Entry System

Our system is simple, the person signs up once, adds in any other persons that they wish to enter and pay for, SmartTiming remembers the detail, they just remember their password. They may view a history of previous entries, or look at the list of their up coming events that they have entered for.

SmartTiming are currently negotiating with various race seeding concerns to ensure that we are able to accomodate their members effortlessly

SmartTiming accepts most forms of local EFT transactions as well as direct desposits and all the management that entails. Once a person has entered online, a number of services may be accessed.

SmartTiming provide you with updates as often as you require them as well as a portal where you may log on and see who has entered. This information may be downloaded in spreadsheet or text format.

Bulk Email Service

This is a time consuming task, yet one of the most important ways to keep in contact with your potential market. We will develop a data base from your entries to which you may add to from your own data base.

All messages will go out with logos that you supply, thereby creating brand awareness for your event and its sponsors.

SmartTiming tracks all mail shots and supply you with statistics of opens, clicks as well as anyone leaving the list.

Event Management

With our experience in trail and off road events, we offer a vast depth of knowledge and know-how to our clients.

SmartTiming are aware of the legal requirements of the SAFETY AT SPORTS AND RECREATIONAL EVENTS ACT of 2010, what is required by various sports controlling bodies with regards to event presentaion and safety.

We are able to assist in precuring Public Liability Insurance and know what it covers and what it does not.

Toilets, showers required, SmartTiming will source them for you.

SmartTiming will conduct site meetings, provide minutes of all meetings with yourselves, suppliers and sponsors, to ensure that all goals are achievable and that they are achieved on the day.

Brand Activation

Been to that event where the sponsors banners and promo items were just placed around hap-hazardly? Believe me it was not intentional, but event organisers always under estimate the time it takes to errect the banners and bunting. (We know, we were guilty at our own events).

Let SmartTiming handle this very important task for you. We will errect and dismantle all sponsors branding at events. Our remoteness from Gauteng means that the cost of brand activation is prohitively high. Using our service you will be proud of any photos of the event and will take pleasure in including them in the thank you letter to the spnsor.

Goodie Bags are often just a pretty (cheep) bag filled with 2 flyers and some soon to expire snake oil. SmartTiming has many contacts for great bag fillers. Just leave it to us and it's sorted.

Line Entries

This function has caused many an event to start late as the last minute entries also arrive at the last minute. In what seems to be a Lowveld 'thing' participants do not pre-enter if given a choice. This can lead to excesivly long queues at registration tables. Some timing sytemes are not able to function unless all names and numbers are entered into the system BEFORE the start. This is not the case with SmartTiming, in mass start events we can capture the details after the event has finished, the timing system still functions. In seeded starts all we need to capture is the number, and this can be done as the competitor enters the start area. We obviously do require names to update live timing displays and print results.

SmartTiming will recommend the number of data capture staff required based on your forecasted attendance figures. We will also provide the manpower to do this work should you wish. Most events find that it is far more cost effective to provide volunteers to complete this function under our supervision. The choice is yours.

Event Timing

With SmartTiming's sophisticated software, this is truely an simple job. For complex multi-sport events we will provide the staff for all identified timing points. You have the option to man these points yourselves with volunteers and we will provide management and control. The task is easy and repetative, requiring very little training before hand.

From mass starts, through seeded batches and time trial interval starts, SmartTiming can handle them all. Live timing displayes take into account the start differential and give a corrected time.

Stage races are timed and results calculated as specified by you. teams, age groups, gender, in fact any custom grouping that you wish for can be accommodated with the system. If it is new to use, SmartTiming will code the system accordinly at NO additional cost to you.

SMS System

Linked into the On-line Entry ystem, but not a prerequisit, SmartTiming is able to send any message that you require to any cellular number in your data base. We could thank them for their entry. You could on-sell the sending of finish (or check-point) times to other numbers as the competitor requires. You could market a 'track your runner' feature and link it to a charity donation.

There is just one big proviso, there MUST be clear cell phone signal at the event finish area, also at every check-point should you choose this option.